Hitchin Lavender wedding photographer – Laura and April

June 24, 2020

When I think back to Laura and April’s wedding, I think of endless lavender fields. The deep purple rows stretching off for as far as the eye can see. Disappearing at the horizon line where the gently rolling hills and the sky meet. It was the perfect setting for the perfect wedding. I’m proud to be a Hitchin Lavender wedding photographer and have loved looking back at this wonderful celebration. Below you’ll find a selection of my favourite images. Then, some more information about the day and how I captured it. I hope you enjoy the story of April and Laura’s Hertfordshire wedding.

A stunning wedding venue in Hitchin

The hot summer sun heats the essential oils and fills the air with a rich and calming scent. Bathed in golden light, a warm summer breeze and nothing on the horizon other than blue sky. You might think you were in Provence, strolling at the feet of Mount Ventoux but actually you are in Hertfordshire. Hithcin to be precise. Surely it cannot hold the same magic, the same atmosphere and the sun baked hills of Southern France? Well perhaps not always. English weather can be a little more unpredictable! However on this day it matched Provence and more.

A wedding location that surpasses all expectations

There are many things in life that are, quite frankly, disappointing when seen in the flesh. Celebrities not quite matching how you were expecting them to be. The meal or hotel that doesn’t match the photo! I remember thinking how small the Sydney Opera House was. The photographs we are all familiar with are taken from a view looking across the park. This flattens the perspective and makes the opera house deceivingly appear to be the height of the famous harbour bridge. That bridge, by the way, is seriously impressive in the flesh – but I digress! Hitchin Lavender fields however, are different. It was – as a location and backdrop – for a wedding, on this hot summer’s day, perfect.

A perfect summer day for two brides

It was that long hazy summer day you dream of for your wedding. The kind of heat that lasts into the night after the sun has set. Once the day visitors to the field had departed April, Laura and their guests had the fields to themselves. The light was beautiful, casting  warm raking shadows across the field. The setting was ideal for their tipi inspired wedding. Laura, April and all their guests had such a wonderful day.

Canapes, garden games and a brilliant band

The day was full of relaxed little touches that gave the event a relaxed and summery feels. Drinks enjoyed whilst sitting with family and friends on hay bales. I heard many toasts to our happy brides! Then there was the beautiful decorations. Flower garlands, festoon lights and hand made signs. Lawn games, races through the lavender and a frankly ‘up for it’, euphoric crowd. When the evening entertainment started, guests were leaping about to a live band. They belted out rock and roll classics in a packed tipi.

Wedding plans that didn’t forget the fun

Underpinning all of the above was a meticulously planned day. This Hitchin Lavender wedding had been planned with care, love and thought by Laura and April. This was for one another but also for their guests. The planning meant that everyone present could relax and enjoy themselves. There was no panicking about timings, spreadsheets or checklists. The order of the day was just having fun with family and friends. This, I must say, is the most important element of any wedding day. I have to also say that some serious thought was in evidence with the pre wedding gifts and cards. Laura and April went all out – cue tears from all involved!

The perfect light to capture memories to last a lifetime

As a wedding photographer your life is somewhat beholden to the vagaries of the seasons and of course the British weather. There are times when these factors are not kind to you. But thankfully, despite perceptions, the British climate tends to smile favourably on the majority of our couples. The quality of the light is an obsession for all photographers. The lavender fields of Provence have drawn artists for centuries to experience the brilliant quality of light. When I take a rare break from capturing moments, I will always be checking the weather forecast, gazing at the horizon or checking sunset times. But on Laura and April’s day there was no need. It was blue skies all day but with the advantage of some cloud cover. Clouds are so useful for a hitchin lavender wedding photographer! The light was beautiful and only improved as we approached the golden hour. When I left the wedding, way past 9pm, there was still a slight golden hue to the sky that remained.

Golden hour – the perfect time for relaxed wedding photography

Outdoor weddings are always a slight gamble, but fortune favours the bold as they say! April and Laura were more than rewarded. Hitchin Lavender is a simple concept: a small hillside of beautiful lavender that flowers with heady scent all summer. This is the backdrop and inspiration to your big day. Prior to the wedding we discussed plans and I was so looking forward to it all. The quality of the light before sunset is known as the golden hour. It is caused by the sun being at a low angle and the light cutting through the atmosphere at a rakish angle. The effect is perfect for relaxed wedding photography. Those rich golden hues, long shadows and warm tones. It is almost as if someone is lighting each scene perfectly for you. However though rich and beautiful, this golden light is all too fleeting. It changes rapidly as it begins to fade. Today as I write this blog, it is not long after the longest day. At this time of year we have hours of daylight to play with. However, the golden hour is not restricted to summer and you can have equally beautiful light in autumn or even winter. In fact as the year progresses you don’t have to have to wait quite as long! From October onwards, the light fades faster as it reaches perfection.

Outdoor ceremonies carry so many rewards

To anyone considering an outdoor wedding, we say: be bold, take risks and trust in the weather gods! Always have a clear plan B and a good trusty umbrella so you can carry on regardless. The weather helps but it never makes a wedding. What makes a wedding are the family and friends that you have around you. Thankfully, I have had very few heavy rain days in all my years of shooting weddings. But when they do come, I have always been so impressed by the spirit of the party. As the rain lashes the marquee, people look at one another, smile, swig their champagne and carry on undaunted. So come rain or shine, celebrate every wedding you are lucky enough to attend regardless of the British weather. Perhaps this is what a true British wedding is all about. Hoping for the heady days of summer but dealing with whatever might come your way. Laura and April of course were more than lucky and had the perfect weather for their perfect Hitchin Lavender wedding day.

An award winning Hitchin Lavender wedding photographer

If you’re looking for a relaxed and award winning wedding photographer we’d love to hear from you. We don’t pose or stage moments. We know that beautiful moments happen naturally. So if we let you and your guests enjoy your celebrations as you planned them, we will capture real memories. These memories will be looked back on for years to come by generation and generation. Photographing weddings all over the country and abroad, we don’t charge extra for travel anywhere in the UK. We always book up quickly and are currently booking for 2022 and beyond. Please get in touch here to check our availability.


Brilliant photos from Yorkshire’s best wedding photographers. Lovely work.

Thank you Stefan, we really appreciate your comment! So pleased you like the photos. Patrick

stunning photoshoot. I like the lavender fields. Both the brides are looking pretty. Really colorful wedding.Photogrpher did a great job.

Thank you! Patrick – M and G Wedding Photography