Hollie and Patrick – our own wedding film!

October 11, 2019

Our own wedding film, made by our own filmmaker, Josh Moore of www.mandgweddingphotography.co.uk

We very nearly didn’t have a wedding film made. We thought our videographer and close friend Josh would enjoy having a day off and being a guest at our wedding. But Josh said quite bluntly “You’ve got to have a wedding film”. So, we agreed – and Josh very kindly made the film as a gift to us.

Having Josh film the wedding was the best decision we made – we love our video just as much as we love our photos, they are equally as beautiful. We will be forever grateful for Josh giving up a rare chance of attending a wedding as a guest to make this film for us. It’s perfect.

The one tip we would give to couples getting married now is have your wedding filmed as well as photographed. Having both our stunning photos and our amazing film together to look back on will mean so much as the years go on. The photographs catch split seconds in time, telling the story of our day – and they really are beautiful. But the video adds so much too. Seeing people we love, our children, our parents actually moving, smiling – it’s so powerful. There is an immediacy and intimacy to watching our wedding film as it’s our wedding, all condensed to the best 10 minutes. We’ll watch it again and again and with recent, very sad events with Hollie’s dad, we will treasure it even more, just like our photos.

So any couple reading this: prioritise your photography and video. Blow the budget on capturing your memories. We believe you will never regret following this advice.

Having your memories captured is what will matter after your day – not the sweetie cart, the photo booth or anything else you add on at the last minute. We’re a bit biased as wedding photographers of course, but after picking your dream venue, we think the next step should be to book the very best photographers and filmmakers you can. Of course the dress, the flowers, the suits, the decorations, the hair and make up – they are all so important too. But if you plan the perfect wedding day for you both, then you should have your memories of it all captured perfectly.

Thanks again to Josh for our film – we really love it and it makes us cry every time we watch it.

Patrick and Hollie