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October 11, 2019

Hi, we are Patrick and Hollie Mateer, award winning husband and wife photography duo and the M in M and G Photographic and we are proudly the winners the 2020 TWIA Wedding Photographers Of The Year for our region. We are based in Yorkshire, but photograph weddings all over the world – we have photographed weddings from Devon to Scotland; from Montenegro to Derbyshire, Cornwall to Wales, The Lake District to the Cotswolds back our home county of Yorkshire! That’s us below on our wedding day. We have a beautiful family and Hollie is recently back from maternity leave and loving photographing weddings again – and getting back to editing them too (Hollie edits every M and G Photographic wedding).

Though we love photographing weddings in Yorkshire, please don’t assume we are just a Yorkshire Wedding Photography couple. We travel up and down the country every weekend – with the odd trip abroad for destination weddings. Looking at our diary for the next few weeks we are visiting Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Berkshire and the Lake District. We love visiting new places and meeting new people!

We have won many awards between us: 2019 ‘Fearless Award’ winners, 2019 ‘This Is Reportage Award’ winners, 2919 ‘NineDots Award’ winner, 2019 ‘Photographers Keeping It Real’ winners, 2019 ‘WPS’ Award winners, ‘TWIA’ Regional Finalists 2019, ‘Bridebook’ Platinum Award Winners 2019 to name a few. We are also multiple ‘Wedaward’ and ‘Wedisson’ award winners. We have featured in many blogs and currently have over 300 five-star reviews available to read online.

Whilst we take enormous professional pride in our awards it is knowing that each and every one of our couples love their images that means the world to us. As already mentioned, our biggest ever award was given to us recently by The Wedding Industry Awards (the TWIAs) – we won the amazing Best Wedding Photographers award at the 2020 TWIAs for our region (the whole of Yorkshire and the North East, so from Lincolnshire to Newcastle and beyond). This is by the far biggest award of our career to date and one we are enormously proud of.

Patrick started M and G Photographic back in 2013 and Hollie joined in 2016. We love our job and it’s really great to be able to work together. We’ve photographed many things, from portraits of rock stars to huge events to news and commercial shoots, but since 2016 we have been concentrating on weddings and now that is really all we photograph. Weddings are our passion and what we love doing.

We work in an ‘unposed style’ that suits us. Even more importantly, our couples know that they can just get on with having the best day ever as we photograph it all, without stopping the flow of the day. For our couples, and their guests, loving every minute of the day is the most important thing and this informs our ethos of no posing and no staging. Every kiss and smile below is natural – we haven’t prompted or directed anything. So, if a couple bring ‘smoke bombs’ to their wedding, as in the image above, we just record them running around in the clouds doing what they want to do!

We use only the best Nikon Cameras and having such an array of professional and weather sealed lenses means we can adapt to any location, any lighting and any weather conditions easily. We know our equipment will deliver the beautiful images we are known for every time. For the technically inclined that means Nikon D850s, Nikon D5s and a Nikon Z6 and the very best Nikon Lenses, which for us really are the sharpest and best lenses in the world. We use Nikon’s following prime lenses – 24mm 1.4, 28mm 1.4, 58mm 1.4, 85mm 1.4, 105mm 1.4 as well as their legendary 24-70mm 2.8 and 14-28mm 2.8 lenses always in the bag should they be needed. With this ultra-professional kit at on board we can capture every special moment.

We look for those emotional and special moments at every  wedding we photograph – laughter, tears and smiles; unexpected moments, little details and comic happenings. We don’t just point our camera and shoot. We spend time ‘reading the wedding’and getting a sense of the couple, their guests and the location.

In working this way we often anticipate moments before they happen, enabling us to capture them. For us, a wedding is about the couple and their guests – telling the full story of every unique wedding day that we document.

Though we specialise in documentary photography, we will take group shots if and when you want them – it’s just we won’t let these take over your day. You just request the group shots that you want and we will take them for you.

We always make sure you get beautiful, natural couple shots of you both together – we keep these unposed’ though! We look for interesting settings and just go for a walk and let you be yourselves. It’s amazing how many wonderful images we create together with our couples working in this way.

We had our own wedding earlier this year at the house of Patrick’s parents. If you’d like to get to know us a little more, you’ll find a link to our wedding photos and video at the end of this blog. First though, please look through some of our favourite images, each one taken by one of us. We hope you like our work and all your wedding planning is going well. Having planned our own wedding this year during our busiest time, we can sympathise with you if things are a little hectic!

If you love our work and like the sound of our relaxed way of working just let us know. We would love to hear more about your wedding day! By Hollie and Patrick Mateer

We hope you enjoyed looking through our favourite images above. We feel privileged to be wedding photographers. We both love photography, and this is our dream profession, it’s what we’ve always wanted to do.

So, when planning our wedding, we knew exactly what we wanted – a fun, relaxed and beautiful day and that’s exactly what we had! If you’d like to get to know us a little more, you can find our own wedding photographs by clicking here. Also you can find our own wedding film here.

If you’re interested in us photographing your wedding day, please contact us here.


Love the children shots.

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You could look at those fpr hours … such a range of visually interesting photos … you feel like you know the people!

Thank you for the lovely comment! Patrick – M and G Wedding Photography, based in Yorkshire