Wedding Photography Select Awards

May 11, 2021

We are delighted to have won seven new Wedding Photography Select awards – seven shared between Hollie and Patrick. Wedding Photography Select – or WPS for short – is one of the most respected awarding bodies for wedding photographers. Last year Hollie was named as one of the WPS Best Wedding Photographers in the world. We are hoping that both of us can equal that fantastic achievement this year! This will be Patrick’s first year of entering Wedding Photography Select. We now both can’t wait to be a part of this fantastic wedding photography community. Every WPS award really is cherished – as only the best wedding photographers enter. Also, the very best photographers judge the awards. Below you’ll find our seven award winning photographs from the last round.

Award winning image number one

A very funny moment captured at Saltmarshe Hall – one guest teaching another how to smoke a cigar! We loved the enthusiasm on the woman’s face – she is really working hard to inhale the cigar! The man is laughing along, but doing so encouragingly, as he mimics holding the cigar himself. This image was also selected as one of the best of the year in 2020 by Mywed.

Award winning image number two

This was photographed at such a fun wedding, in a field, in Yorkshire. The party and dancing all took place under a marquee. And what a fantastic party it was and how amazing it was to photograph! In this image bride Victoria has been hoisted onto a guest’s shoulders, as the dancing is in full swing. You can see Victoria raising a wine glass to her lips as her guests drink around her. And the wedding guest giving the piggy back grins on, from beneath the lace wedding dress. It’s this kind of unique, funny and unexpected moment that we love to photograph so much.

Award winning image number three

This was such an emotional moment, during a beautiful wedding ceremony. It took place at Camp Katur, a wonderfully relaxed wedding venue, set within the woods. The wedding service took place outside, in the woods, with all the guests nestled together, sitting on logs. This image shows a really tender moment, as grandparents and parents of the bride all look on, clearly emotional. Mum and grandma hold hands tightly, sharing the moment together. We know how much this image means to the couple as they told us recently. -Jess and Lewis (the bride and groom) currently live away from their family so having moments like this to look back is so important. This image has also won a This Is Reportage award.

Award winning image number 4

Taken at the beautiful wedding venue Cripps Barn. This photograph shows two girls who were intent on showing off their gymnastics skills! The wedding guests behind seem to be unaware of the acrobatics going on around them. This image has also won a Fearless photographers award.

Award winning image number 5

This chaotic image was taken during the reception of a wedding in York. When we people see this image they are usually amused – but also confused as well. It’s not entirely clear what’s happening. But, all we’ll say is that it’s the moment a groom hugging a bride on the dance floor went quite, quite wrong. The groom then sends not only his new bride flying across the dance floor – but also two more guests as well. We have photographed the moment, just as all four figures come crashing down. A bottle of coke spilling across everyone, caught in time. We know the couple absolutely love this image and find it as funny as we do! It’s the kind of wedding photograph we will never get the opportunity to photograph again. Thanks so much to Wedding Photography Select for the award.

Award winning image number six

This image has now won a Wedding Photography Select award, to add to Fearless, Masters Of Wedding Photography, NineDots and Photographers Keeping It Real awards. So it’s safe to say it’s one of our most popular and award winning images ever! It shows bride Zara striding through the streets of Hull. Now, we’re from Hull so we can say – it’s not the most obviously glamorous of places. And the location the photograph is captured is all yellow scaffolding and blue shutters. But Zara, striding marching through the streets gracefully, transforms the scene. It’s that clash of the very ordinary surroundings with the extraordinary looking bride that really makes this image.

Award winning image number seven

This image is from a Derbyshire church wedding and is a recent This Is Reportage award winner. It’s great to have now won a Wedding Photography Select award for it too. As wedding photographers, sometimes at churches, we’re told we have to stand at the back, out of the way. It’s always frustrating when this happens, but of course – we abide by any rules. We’re always respectful of the locations and venues we’re working at. In this instance, we were at the back so had limited options. However, this image worked out perfectly. The line of bridesmaids leads the eye to James, the groom, just as he looks at his bride Charlie for the first time. It was such a special moment to photograph.

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