Wedding photography by The Mateers

January 5, 2024

Hi, we’re Hollie and Patrick – The Mateers (otherwise known as M and G Wedding Photography). Thanks so much for getting in touch about us photographing your wedding day. We’ve pulled this blog together to give you an idea of just what it will be like if you choose us as your photographers. Looking through the images in this article will also give you the an idea of what our wedding photography of your day will look like and the kind of images we’ll capture.

Above all, we want to give you the best wedding photography while you have the best ever – but don’t just take our word for it, here’s a recent testimonial from one of our many happy couples:We chose Hollie and Patrick to take our wedding photos and it was the best decision we could have made. We were floored by how beautiful our photos are. They have a MAGIC eye for capturing moments. We felt like they turned our wedding day into art. And they’re lovely people to work with. We can’t recommend them highly enough.” Tatty and Theo – married in London, 2023.

Real moments unposed by the photographer

This is the approach to wedding photography that we’ve become so well known for. We don’t need to pose people or set things up to take the very best images of your day. The best moments – the funniest, most romantic, most poignant moments – happen naturally. Every wedding is different – some are romantic, some are huge parties, some are intimate and emotional – some are a combination of all this and more.

We know for a wedding to really come to life, all we need to do is let it unfold, naturally. So we let you and your guests relax and forget about us – while we capture so many moments for you to remember your day by. Long after your wedding, our images will be how you remember your day. Our images that will take you right back to your wedding. You’ll feel the atmosphere all over again, feel the emotions. You’ll relive your wedding story over and over again.

You and your guests having the best day

This really is the most important thing for us – above all, we want you to have the best day ever. And because we’re not posing you or telling you what to do, you can experience your day the way you planned it. The more fun you’re having, the better photos we can take for you.

Award winning wedding photography

Since 2017, when we started working together, we’ve been lucky enough to win some of the most well regarded and most sought after awards in the international wedding photography industry. In fact, we’re the only UK wedding photographer to have won all three of the following awards: the TWIA National Wedding Photographer Of The Year (awarded to the best wedding photographer in the country every year), the This Is Reportage Wedding International Photographer Of The Year (awarded to the best documentary wedding photographer of the year) and the Rangefinder Magazine Rising Star (awarded to a select group of international wedding photographers every year by New York’s Rangefinder Magazine). These are three of the most prestigious awards in our industry – to win all three is one of our proudest achievements.

These are just some of the awards we’ve won over the years – and as we say, we’re incredibly proud of them. However, what really matters beyond all the accolades is our couples loving their images and receiving feedback like this means so much to us: “You are grand masters and you have captured our day better than we could have ever imagined. We are beyond grateful and we will cherish the photographs forever. We sincerely hope our paths cross again in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Harry and Carla – married in Surrey 2023.

Beautiful and relaxed couple shots

Along with all the documentary moments we will capture on your day (and with both of us there you can expect around 750 or more images in your final gallery – with one of us it will be around 550) we will also take some relaxed couple shots of you both together, if you’d like some. We won’t turn into a super posed portrait photographer at this point though – we will make sure your couple shots feel relaxed and natural to you, as a couple. We won’t take you away from your wedding for hours and hours – a simple walk around your venue grounds or the surrounding area is enough for us to take some beautiful and relaxed shots of you both together.

An artistic photography style that stands out from the crowd

Compare our instagram feed to the instagrams of other wedding photographers – we’d like to think ours will stand out as different. This is because we know people book us as they don’t want their photos to look exactly the same as all the other wedding photos out there. So if you choose us as your wedding photographer, your photos will be an authentic reflection of your day, taken with a real artistic flair. This will make sure your wedding photos stand out as being beautifully unique, yet completely real to you as a couple.

Some group shots (but only if you want them)

People choose us to document their day because they don’t want a traditional photographer who turns up with a list of group shot after group shot, bossing people around and taking over the day – making the wedding all about them (seriously – who wants that?) People who book us don’t want old fashioned and stuffy – they want contemporary wedding photography that fits in with a contemporary wedding day.

So if you choose us as your photographers, we know you’ll choose us because you want to relax, have an incredible day full of beautiful, funny and often unexpected moments. All the while, you’re safe in the knowledge you can trust one of the very best wedding photographers in the UK to capture your day in a unique style, taking timeless and authentic images that will last a lifetime.

However, we won’t be surprised if you ask us: “…but do you take some formal group shots?” Well, the answer is yes! It’s your day and if you want some group shots, we’ll take them for you. But we will never let groups take over your wedding day. We’re there to document your wedding day naturally and ensure you have the very best day. And if you’re standing around for hours on end taking group shots, waiting for guests who keep disappearing, lining up to take another photo that looks identical to the last – are you having the best day ever? From experience we guarantee you won’t be.

The very best in wedding photography

We don’t follow fads or fashions – our images of your day will be timeless, they won’t feel dated in years to come. On your day, we will take the very best wedding photographs in a style unique to us. We feel strongly that we are the very best at what we do. That’s not us being big headed – it’s because we know no one does else does what we can do, so there’s no one else who can match us. The very best wedding photographers have their own unique style and we’re proud that our style stands apart from the rest.

We’re lucky that we’ve become recognised in our industry for this and now, other photographers come to us for mentoring and education. We love working with other wedding photographers, helping them on their journey and reaching their potential. However, what we love most about the job is still photographing wedding days and everything this brings. Receiving feedback from our couples like this is what it’s all about: “We are totally blown away. The photographs transported us back to the day and all of the joy and love we shared has been captured by two incredible artists. We really can’t thank you enough. Thank you so much for being so brilliant”. Sharon and Barry – married in Derbyshire 2023.

A relaxed approach that fits in with your day

We can be quiet on a wedding day at times – but we also love to have fun. We join in with the wedding as befits your day, without ever taking over and making the day about us. Crucially, we can adapt to the most intimate day or the biggest, most raucous party (as we’re very experienced with all different types of weddings). Our couples tell us all the time how they love how relaxed we are while we work – and by being relaxed ourselves allows our couples and all their guests to be relaxed, too.

A married couple who love photographing weddings together

We simply love what we do – and we love working together. This job is always exciting, creative and ever-changing. We photograph weddings all over the UK and abroad – always visiting new places and meeting new people. Being able to do that together, as a married couple ourselves – there’s noting better. We feel that the love for what we do can be seen in every one of our images.

And having been married ourselves, we know exactly what it’s like to be on the other side of the lens, too. So we’re able to empathise with you every step of the way – we know what you’ll be feeling on the day (the excitement, the nerves). This empathy allows us to take even better photos, as we’re attuned to you and your guests. We’re flexible so we do offer one photographer packages too for those who want less coverage – but we love nothing more than photographing weddings together.

Here’s one last testimonial from one of our recent weddings: “We just wanted to say thank you so much for sending over the final wedding gallery. We couldn’t be happier with the photos. They tell the perfect story of our day and you captured so many wonderful moments. Thank you, thank you”. Shani and Abin – married in Cheshire 2023

The perfect wedding photographer for you?

Do you love the sound of relaxed approach? Do you want to be able to get on with enjoying your day the way you planned it? And above all, do you love the images we take? If so, we’ll be a perfect fit for you and you’ll be a perfect fit for us. We photograph weddings all over the country and beyond – we’re not tied to specific locations or venues. We excel at photographing wild parties or intimate elopements (and have photographed every type and size of wedding in between).

We have experience of – and are sensitive to – photographing weddings of all cultures, sexualities, religions. The variety all of this brings to our work is one of the things that we enjoy the most. All we need is a couple who loves what we do, a couple who are planning the very best day to suit them as a couple – we’ll handle the rest! If that sounds like you then please get in touch now to see if we’re still available on your wedding date. We can’t wait to hear from you. Hollie & Patrick (The Mateers)