A golden hour couple shoot at this beautiful Yorkshire wedding

January 31, 2020

We absolutely love photographing wedding sunsets! So if you’re lucky enough to get a sunset, we’ll always come and find you to see if you’d like to go for a walk around your venue grounds – or the surrounding area like our couple below – while we take some photos during ‘the golden hour’. The golden hour is a term coined by photographers to describe that perfect time before the setting of the sun, when the light softens and the whole sky begins to turn beautiful tones of yellow, orange and red. Below you’ll find a selection of images from one of our favourite ever sunsets, at a beautiful Yorkshire wedding that we photographed. Unfortunately, we can’t promise that your wedding will have a sunset like this! However, if you do have a sunset on your wedding day and you do want to go for a walk during the golden hour, we’ll be happy to accompany you and take some images like the ones below. As these images show we love photographing the golden hour with our couples and it’s one aspect of work that we have become really well known for.

All images by Yorkshire Wedding Photographer M and G Photographic: we are the proud winners of the Wedding Industry Awards ‘Best Wedding Photographers In Yorkshire and the North East’ 2020 Award.

What an incredible sunset! We photograph weddings with no posing or direction and for us, couple shots should be no different. We don’t turn our couple shoots into ‘portraits’ – instead, we just want them to feel like a natural addition to the way we photograph the rest of a wedding day.

So we photographed Chloe and Adam’s golden hour couple shoot the same way we always photograph our couple shoots – unposed and without direction. We simply went for a drive with them to a nearby field from their beautiful Yorkshire wedding venue, then they went for a walk and we accompanied them. That really was it! No directing, no telling them how to kiss, stand, walk or hold each other. We just let our couples be themselves and as these photos show, when we do that, beautiful moments happen naturally.

We photograph couple shots this way for two reasons. Firstly and most importantly, we want every image we capture for our couples to transport them back to that very moment in the years to come. We don’t want our couples to look back on their images and remember us directing them or telling them what to do. Our skill is that we make our couples feel at ease around us so they can simply be themselves – so if they kiss, it’s a natural and real kiss, that will always mean something something.

The second reason is that we don’t want to make our couples feel awkward by directing them and readjusting their every move and gesture. Couples book us because they know we don’t do that and don’t need to do that to get amazing images like the ones above and all over our website.

We were out in the field for probably 15 to 20 minutes which is a little longer than most couple shoots for us – but sunsets are always unique. It’s impossible to predict just when the most perfect light will happen. Sometimes this is 30 minutes before sunset, sometimes it’s right before, sometimes it’s even after the sun disappears behind the horizon. Chloe and Adam were enjoying the sunset so much that they happily lingrerd outside in the field, watching the changing colours of the beautiful Yorkshire sky, while we captured it all.

We hope you like the images! We are a Yorkshire wedding photographer but photograph weddings all over the UK and abroad. Last year, we travelled to weddings from Manchester to Montenegro and Loch Lomond to Llandudno – and just about everywhere in between! So wherever you are planning your wedding celebration, be it in the UK or abroad, we would love to hear from you.

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