This Is Reportage Photographer Of The Year

March 6, 2024

We’ve been entering This Is Reportage (TIR) since its inception. We love what TIR stands for: the very best in documentary wedding photography. Authentic, real moments – but it’s much, much more than that. TIR shows that wedding photography is art – and that is perfectly aligned with what we believe.

We’ve won many awards over the years – but this award stands out as the most important, the most meaningful. TIR awards are so incredibly hard to win – the hardest to win documentary wedding photography awards there are. Therefore, they are incredibly prestigious. So, to be the the overall photographer of the year – out of around 300 international photographers – is such an honour. Hollie became only the second female winner of the award and only the second UK winner, too.

Patrick was also named as one of the Top 10 Photographers In The World by TIR for the second year in a row, which we were thrilled about. But for Hollie to get the top spot, to win more awards than any other TIR photographer – all those incredible photographers from around the globe? Well, it’s mind-blowing. Thanks so, so much to the TIR judges – this award means so much to us.

Some of Hollie’s favourite This Is Reportage awards

Below you’ll find some of Hollie’s favourite This Is Reportage winning images. These include images from all of her awards in 2023 (the year Hollie became the TIR Photographer Of The Year) and also, some of her previous winners, too. Nothing staged, nothing posed – This Is Reportage.

We love entering TIR – we have separate accounts and cheer each other on. There’s no rivalry in our house (though if there was, Hollie would be winning, clearly – Patrick). For Hollie to win the Wedding Photographer Of The Year award is such an incredible honour and one we’ll treasure, forever.