Two more This Is Reportage awards!

February 12, 2020

We are delighted to say last week we won two more This Is Reportage awards! This brings our overall total to four This Is Reportage awards. As documentary wedding photographers, we absolutely love This Is Reportage and as many wedding photographers have said – not just us – it is one of, if not THE, hardest wedding photography awards to win.

Below you’ll find both the images we won a This Is Reportage award for, with a little explanation of how we took these award winning photographs.

Cervena and Durb’s All Saints Chapel wedding, Eastbourne, by Hollie: “A fish eye lens probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you think ‘documentary wedding photography’! In fact, I’d like to think I am the first ever photographer to win a This Is Reportage award using a fish eye lens – but I need to check this with Alan Law, who runs the awards! By using a fish eye lens has really accentuated the beauty of All Saints Chapel. This image is all about lighting and environment, plus composition. The warm and colourful lighting inside the chapel really brings this scene alive. Then, the central composition slowly draws the eye into Cervena and Durb as they say their wedding vows. It’s a simple image in a lot of ways, but one I really love – and I know that Cervena and Durb love it too as they have a large framed print of it hanging on their wall. It’s always great to win a This Is Reportage award and I’m so happy that this image has won us another won!”

Rebecca and Sam’s De Grey Rooms wedding, York, by Patrick: “This image is all about timing – it’s actually one of those moments I nearly missed! I was photographing some guests dancing facing the other way, then turned around to see this unfolding. I didn’t have any time to adjust my position or camera settings – I just knew it was an amazing moment to capture and starting shooting. For the photography minded of you reading this, I had actually been photographing some shutter drags – that’s why there’s a combination of frozen figures coupled with some movement. So, it’s not how I would chosen to photograph the moment or how I would have framed it necessarily, but sometimes, there’s no time to do anything but capture the moment.

So, I quickly captured a whole sequence of the Rebecca, Sam and two of their guests falling over, but this is the image that I liked the most. I love the coke splashing out of the bottle and also, the almost synchronised way the two figures at the bottom of the frame as they are falling over, with their arms and bodies in the same position. Sam, is trying to catch his bride Rebecca in the background and the whole image tells a story of drunken and funny shenanigans on the dance floor. It makes me smile every time I look at it. Thanks so much to the This Is Reportage judges for awarding this image!”

These are our first awards for 2020 and we are delighted for them to be This Is Reportage awards. Thanks so much again to all the judges: Albert Palmer, Pedro Alvarez, Barbara Fabbri, Ben & Kelly Koller and Marissa Daly.

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