Questions to ask your wedding photographer

April 15, 2021

As you’re reading this page, we are guessing you are thinking about choosing us as your wedding photographers – first of all, thank you for considering us! And secondly – we must say you have impeccable taste in wedding photography. Before you seal the deal though you may be thinking – what questions do we need to ask before we book? And this may then lead you to search for the hundreds and hundreds of blogs titled something like: questions to ask your wedding photographer. Now, unfortunately, these blogs are a bit rubbish for the most part. They’re not written by wedding photographers – they’re just clickbait to get you on the wedding blog. So, this is a response to those mostly rubbish blogs. We have written it with a little humour, but also, to give you the information you really need before you choose your perfect wedding photographer. Of course we hope that’s us! There’s quite a few points we want to cover – so let’s get started

Pick the wedding photography you love the most

This is the key point that no blog ever mentions. And that is such a shame. Wedding blogs advise you to ask about insurance, copyright, USB sticks – a load of stock questions that every wedding photographer on the globe will have a stock answer for. The thing they don’t advise you to do pick your photographer for their photography. In 50 years time, their images will still be on your mantelpiece. They will have become part of your family heritage – the images will literally become a piece of history. Each image will enliven your senses – it will take you back to a memory you had seemingly forgotten. The images will remind you of friends and relatives. So please, please, please – pick the photographer whose wedding photography you love the most. Invest in the very best wedding photographer you can – one whose work you truly love. In the end, that’s what matters when picking your wedding photographer – nothing else.

Ask if your wedding photographer gives you copyright

Ok, this is the first myth we want to dispel – you do not need the copyright to the images from your wedding. Sorry if this shocks you. Because you may be thinking: but every wedding blog says you have to ask this! And to be fair, we understand why. But the questions is not quite right. Because what you need to do is check: will I be able to share and print the photographs from my wedding wherever I choose. This is the question to ask and we can answer that yes, with us, you can keep, share and print your images wherever you choose. There is no restrictions on this at all! You get that in writing from us too – in fact, the same will go for any top wedding photographer the world over. Copyright is something very different and if a photographer is giving up the copyright to their work, we’d suggest they’re not a very good photographer. Or at least they’re not a photographer who values their own work very much, if they’re happy to give away their copyright of it.

Are you sure we don’t need copyright?

Honestly, trust us, you really don’t! However, please don’t feel awkward for asking. You get to do what you want with the images and that will never change – print them, share them, cover your house in them – show them to the world! The only thing you can’t do is sell them to Vogue (though we’d be very happy to have our images featured in Vogue if you’d like them to be!) To explain why you don’t get copyright of an image after buying it – if you were to buy the Mona Lisa, you wouldn’t then get the copyright to the image. That stays with the artist, if you got the copyright you’d be saying: I painted the mona lisa, it was me! Now, we’re not comparing ourselves to Leonardo Da Vinci (ok, so we are – but only to make a point!) but the same applies to photography. We keep the copyright of our images and the main reason here is so we can use them for promotion. We enter and win awards, we get featured in magazines and websites – all those things we did that led you here in the first place, we couldn’t do them without copyright. The camera brand Nikon (watch out for the name drop there!) contacted us last week after we won our latest Wedding Photographer Of The Year contest to congratulate us. They then asked to feature our work and we were able to say: yes, yes you can Nikon – here have all our photos (we were a little starstruck!) So all in all, the way it works benefits you and us – and everyone gets what they need!

Do you get your images on a USB?

Diamond encrusted USBs. Keyrings with your mum’s face on it. A sparkly presentation box full of your wildest dreams. An album made from Mongolian bamboo that was printed at sunset on midsummer night’s eve. Some blogs ask you to ask about add ons – and some photographers include a lot of tat as standard. But ask yourself – do I need this, well, tat? USBs in particular, are the DVDs of tomorrow. The laptop I’m writing this blog on doesn’t even have a USB port. So if a wedding photographer is offering a USB is that really offering any added value? It may look pretty, in its fancy little wooden box, but there’s a good chance it will break or get lost – or just go out of date. The whole world from television to shopping moved online years ago and so did we. So if you book us, you get all your images online, through a beautiful and easy to navigate gallery. From here you can download all your images. This is how we’ve operated since 2017 and we’ve found it works so well. You can instantly share your photos with friends and family anywhere in the world. Much better than your USB getting eaten by the dog.

But what about a wedding album?

Now don’t get us wrong – wedding albums are important. In fact, we would say getting your photos printed is extremely important. You can get professional prints directly from us – and beautiful albums too. However we don’t include albums with every package – you can buy them before, or after your wedding. Some photographers may include two albums, a USB stick and their own soul in their main package – and it may cost the same or even less than our wedding photography. In these cases you are buying a package of average album and average add ons. It’s much better to invest in the photography first and foremost – then buy an album after the wedding if needs be.

What style of photographer are you?

Luckily we can’t remember the last time we were asked this question! A lot of those questions to ask your wedding photographer posts will recommend you ask this, however it’s not something we are ever asked. We think this is because our natural and relaxed style is clear from our photographs – and hopefully, our website does a good job of showing this off. We take a documentary approach to our wedding photography, meaning no staging and no posing. You’ll see a lot of humour in our images, but also raw emotions and also, a lot of romance too. So the question to ask really is: will this style of photography suit what I’m looking for? Hopefully if you’ve got this far in our blog, the answer is yes!

Have you ever shot at my wedding venue before?

We completely understand why we are asked this. Couples want to see examples of happy days at their wedding venue – it helps get them excited about their own plans. But for us, it’s great if we have shot at your wedding venue before – but equally great if we haven’t! We love returning to beautiful wedding venues again and again. But we also love going to new venues – it’s a perk of the job! No two weddings are ever the same – it doesn’t matter if we’ve shot the venue before. We’ll react to you and your guests – and also, the weather and the light. Again, this is never the same. So book us for our overall style of photography – book us because you trust us to take photographs of your day in our style. Then when the wedding comes, forget about us. Have the best day of your lives, with all your friends and family. We’ll do the rest!

How will you (and your assistants) be dressed?

Unless you’re having a naturist’s wedding, we will be wearing clothes. Seriously though, we can’t believe this is a recommended question to ask! But we have seen it in multiple wedding blogs as one of those must ask questions. But to us it seems a little judgement by today’s standards. But don’t worry – we’ll dress appropriately for a wedding (and Hollie has much better fashion sense than Patrick!) But please choose us for our photos, not our admittedly rather nice shoes.