Huddersfield Wedding Photographer – Natasha and Tom

April 4, 2021

Our first wedding of 2021 – and what a fantastic wedding to photograph! We had a great day with Natasha and Tom and are so pleased they loved their images. They left us the following amazing 5 star review: “We had to change our plans a few times due to Covid and we couldn’t have asked for more understanding photographers. We went ahead with just 6 of us at a registry office wedding, so we didn’t expect to not only receive so many photos, but also such amazing ones we will treasure forever! We can’t thank you enough”. Such lovely feedback from such a lovely couple! Below you’ll find our favourite images from the day. Natasha is a photographer too as she mentions below. It’s always a lovely compliment when a fellow photographer trusts us to document their day!

Huddersfield wedding photography

We really loved photographing this wonderful micro Huddersfield wedding. It may have been small in numbers – only 6 people present – but it didn’t make a difference at all! After a wedding ceremony at Huddersfield registry office, due to Covid-19 regulations, there was no reception. Instead, Natasha and Tom went for an ice cream at the park. Then it was onto Castle Hill to take in the stunning views. It was a chilly day in Yorkshire, but the cloudy weather only added drama to the skies. Often people expect us to want blue skies and sun – but we much prefer to photograph under some cloud cover! Overall, we had such a wonderful day with Natasha and Tom and we asked them to tell us about their experience of planning a wedding in 2021. So a huge thanks to them for writing the below for us.

Planning a 2021 wedding

“Having such amazing, understanding suppliers really helped to make the whole process easier. As worrying as this past year has been, it really feels like everyone has rallied together. Of course we couldn’t have the wedding we originally planned, but it gave us the opportunity to step back and really thinking about what was important to us. For us, the most biggest obstacle was not knowing what the restrictions would be until the very last minute. So we had to have a plan A, B, C, D and be super organised. But it was all worth it in the end!

Going ahead with a micro wedding

Having our original ‘big’ wedding booked for February 2021, We kept our hopes up for so long, even during the Christmas period. We where determined to go ahead, no matter the restrictions. But obviously Boris had another idea with that one! We came to the decision because we have seen the rules change so many times throughout the past year, and we knew it would be a risk to try and go ahead with our original numbers. But we didn’t want to wait to be become husband and wife. The most important thing for us was to say our vows. So we came to a compromise, to do the ‘legal’ part in a small registry office ceremony as soon as we could. And then next year, have a day as close to our original plans with all our loved ones. Our highlight of our micro wedding was after the ceremony, being able to walk around castle hill, have our photos taken and have the relief that we could finally say we did it! 

Choosing M and G Wedding Photography

Before Tom proposed, I always knew I wanted you guys to be part of our day. Although I’m a photographer myself, when it comes to having my own photo taken, I can be quite stiff and shy. And I know Tom is the same. For me especially, it wasn’t just about the ‘big’ moments, I wanted photographers who wouldn’t be worried to capture whatever they saw. Having followed you for years, your candid, unposed approach was always a massive yes for us. And after speaking to you and discussing our ideas, we knew we had made the right decision!

Tips for planning a micro wedding

When it comes to the day, None of the things you’ve worried over for months / years will matter. You can plan, plan and plan again but sometimes things are out of your control. As long as you get to say your vows, all the other things become secondary. I’d also say, if you can, set up a face time / zoom call with your nearest and dearest, or record the ceremony so they can see it after (and it’s something for you to keep too). No matter how ‘small’ you think the day is going to be, have photographers you trust and are comfortable with. The day still goes by so quickly and photographs are what you get to look back on and remind you of the day, for the rest your lives. 

The best Huddersfield wedding suppliers

Our beautiful dried flowers were by Walter and Blossom. My bridal converse shoes were hand painted by the amazing Lylun Designs. My heart necklace is by Forever Ava Designs and the headband was made by Rock and Folly. Lastly the personalised face masks were from Shirts Of Distinction.”

Thank you to our happy couple

Thanks again to Natasha and Tom for taking the time to write the above and for leaving us a wonderful 5 star review. We are so pleased they love their wedding photographs! If you’re planning a wedding and you like our natural and award winning wedding photography, we’d love to hear from you. We’re not just a Huddersfield Wedding Photographer. We photograph all over the UK and abroad. So wherever you’re planning your wedding celebrations, please get in touch here to check our availability.