Favourite moments – April to May 2022

May 12, 2022

We’ll be posting a new blog every few months, showcasing the incredible weddings we’ve been shooting. Today we’re looking at our April and May 2022 weddings – we’ll be updating it as we go along. We hope you enjoy looking through these images as much as we have enjoyed capturing these moments for our amazing couples. If you were to ask us: ‘How do you plan the perfect wedding?’ there are many little tips we could pass on – but come the day what seems to matter most is to remember to relax, enjoy every moment and go with the flow. We’ll be there, ready to photograph the key moments, the little events and the visual details that occur. One thing we strongly believe is that you wouldn’t want a pushy photographer, telling you what to do and where to go – so no posing, no staging and absolutely no bossing people around!

Dance floor mayhem in the Lake District

Emily and George had clearly put their guests’ enjoyment at the forefront of their planning. Though the wedding was a black tie event with beautiful styling, it was anything but formal. The whole day was a party – a celebration of Emily and George and their friends and family. Celebrations culminated with the Rick Parfitt JNR Band playing an incredible set (Rick is the son of the legendary Status Quo front man). We’ve photographed hundreds of dance floors in our time, but none quite like this. It was full for more than two hours, as Rick’s band played on and on with audience interaction rising and rising through the evening. The beams of light frame him and the upraised forest of hands with their different gestures in a diamond shape set at a dynamic tilt to the frame of the picture (with the mic in Rick’s hand as the central apex of the image). Though it’s a still black and white image without sound, through the magic of photography you can feel the beating music, the flashes of colour and the rhythmic movement and (choose your own tune) join with the audience singing joyously along. 

We know whenever Emily and George look at this one image, they’ll be taken back to that packed, ecstatic dance floor. They’ll remember the incredible time they and their guests had and how much everyone loved every second of it, just as we did.

Rainbow wedding converse

We photographed Sophie and Charlotte’s beautifully intimate wedding ceremony in 2021, not long after Covid restrictions began to lift. It seems a long time ago now and so much has changed since then. In May this Year, we were so happy to be back with Sophie and Charlotte, photographing their full wedding celebration. Of course, every wedding is different: whereas in the previous image you see Emily and John had Rick Parfitt JNR and a full-on rock gig, Sophie and Charlotte went with Back Chat Brass – an equally amazing but very different kind of entertainment. And a photographing is about much more than photographing dance floors and the entertainment – it’s about the quiet moments too.

Sophie and Charlotte used a rainbow motif throughout the day, in decorations and even in the food served to all the happy guests. We’d noticed  their wedding shoes were ‘Converse’ trainers with rainbow soles. But how to photograph them? Sometimes being patient is a great virtue for a photographer, then suddenly we saw them starting up the stairs. We ran through the guests  – no guests were hurt in the making of this image! – and got there just in time as they neared the top. We know this rainbow image will say so much to Sophie and Charlotte – but say it subtly with a little smile.

No pain, no gain

Rosie and Jack had their wedding at one of our favourite venues, the wonderful ‘Hodsock Priory’, in Nottinghamshire. This image is a nice example of us photographing the unexpected. When Rosie’s veil was being put in by the hairdresser and Rosie’s mum, there was a ‘no pain, no gain moment!’ We love to capture little moments like this – a precise record of a facial expression. Looking at the image we sympathise and we also see the humour. This moment was quickly forgotten of course on the day. Rosie and Jack had a beautiful wedding – you can see some of the beautiful moments below, in our round up.

A beautiful sunset at Saltmarshe Hall

Saltmarshe Hall is an incredible wedding venue quite close to where we live, and we really look forward to every visit there. Laura and Tom’s Saltmarshe Hall wedding was an absolute pleasure to photograph, and then, just for good measure, they were blessed with a beautiful sunset. Over the course of a year, we actually photograph less sunsets than you think: the timing has to fit; you need the perfect amount of sun or a perfect break in clouds. Then, you need the right location. Sometimes the seemingly perfect sunset is hidden by buildings or trees – tantalising and out of reach.

We love to photograph some relaxed and natural couple shots. No cheesy posing, we just let our couples be themselves. Laura and Tom went for a quiet walk in the gardens, just before their first dance, taking in the last of the spring sunshine before the party began. The sun was about to disappear from view behind the rose bushes. Now a soft peach-orange glow, it created a beautiful back-lit halo around Laura and Tom’s heads as they kissed. We captured the moment – then it was back inside, to the dance floor.

A football net and a pink balloon

We are always looking to capture compositions of unposed moments. If we can capture a wider scene, with several moments happening at once, even better. A wedding itself is full of layers – if it was a cake, a wedding would be a ‘mille feuille’. As a photographer, you’re the pastry chef, trying to bring these layers together – every image, every moment a new layer to incorporate into the recipe. But if you can combine these layers in one image – there’s something very satisfying about that. The viewer is left with a rich image, with different ingredients coming together to tell a story.

In this image, taken in Nottinghamshire at Claire and Kyle’s big day, we have a many layered scene. There are guests sitting and chatting, enjoying the late evening sun. Then, in the foreground, a woman, with a knowing smile on her face, struggles to hold onto a balloon while her toddler is straining in her arms. On the opposite side a little further back are two more children, who have decided the football net set up for their amusement is far more amusing if it’s picked up and dragged around the venue grounds.

To capture this moment, we position ourselves so there is some space between each figure, so that they can be fully seen; then, we wait, with the occasional click of the camera shutter. Yet we know the moment hasn’t arrived. Eventually, a slight gust of wind and the balloon veers away until it’s nearly over the two children. Its new position emphasising the matching colours (shades of pinks) of the balloon and the little girl’s dress – and we noticed later the wisteria on the wall in the background. At the same moment as the girl hoists the net up, a little serendipitously, the net falls open showing the young boy’s face, just as the girl shouts to an unseen friend. Some people in the background watching the unfolding events; the woman’s red dress making a perfect centre to the image. Everyone in the scene looking in different directions, oblivious of us – letting the wind and sun take hold, enjoying their own individual moments.

More of our favourite April to May 2022 wedding images

Below you’ll find some more moments we have loved photographing during April and May 2022. The biggest thanks to all of our couples for choosing us to document their big day. Hollie has of course returned to shooting weddings this year and is loving being back! 2022 is an incredibly busy year, with so many postponements and so many new bookings. Already, we’ve photographed many weddings together – and some individually too. We’ve also continued to work with some incredible photographers. We’re lucky to be able to call upon a group of talented documentary wedding photographers who we know and trust – they kindly help us out when we need them. So, a big thank you to our friends Karl, Phil and George who have second shot for and assisted us during April and May. It’s also been great to work with so many amazing supplier friends – too many to mention here! But particular shout out to Josh of SJM Weddings, one of the two incredible videographers we always recommend.

So many incredible wedding venues

As always, we’ve travelled to locations far and wide. By the end of April and May 2022 we will have worked at the following amazing wedding venues over these two months: Saltmarshe Hall (East Yorkshire), Sawley Village Hall (North Yorkshire), Hodsock Priory (Nottinghamshire), Beeston Walled Gardens (Nottinghamshire), Barff House (East Yorkshire), Houghton House (Lake District), Little Wold Vineyard (Eat Yorkshire), Rothley Court Hotel (Leicestershire), Nailcoate Hall (Warwickshire), Beverley Barn (East Yorkshire), Falcon Manor (North Yorkshire), Highfield House (East Yorkshire), Dunedin (East Yorkshire), Peak Edge Hotel (Derbyshire), Shustoke Barn (Warwickshire), East Yorkshire Barns at Flaxfleet (East Yorkshire!)

M and G Wedding Photography

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