Hollie and Patrick – Slideshow

October 10, 2019

Hi Patrick and Hollie here. We – recently entered the TWIAs. The TWIAs are The Wedding Industry Awards and… we won! That means we are officially the 2020 Best Wedding Photographers in Yorkshire and the North East.

We a slideshow showing images taken by us (there are no images by Matt included). Matt hasn’t entered the TWIAs this year – he will be doing next year instead, for his region in Hertfordshire. But this slideshow is all about us and was sent to the TWIA judges and helped us win the Best Wedding Photographer award.

So we hope you enjoy the slideshow below – it features only images shot by us (Hollie and Patrick). We hope it shows not just the amazing couples we have photographed but also how much we love our job. Wish us luck in the TWIAs UK finals – having won our regional finals, we will now be going for the amazing UK Wedding Photographer Of The Year award!

You can see more of Hollie and Patrick’s work by clicking here.


Stunning slldieshow ….. can watch it over and over again!.

Great video … you must really enjoy your work …

Thanks so much and yes we love our job as Yorkshire wedding photographers!