Choosing M and G Wedding Photography for your wedding day

January 29, 2021

If you’re reading this blog, we’re guessing you’re considering booking us to photograph your wedding day. First of all, thanks for stopping by our website and secondly – you clearly have great taste in wedding photography! We’ve written this guide to give you a good idea of how we’ll photograph your wedding day. We wanted to take the time to explain how we will work with you in the build up to your wedding celebrations – and afterwards too. All of course interspersed with examples of our award winning wedding photography. We hope you enjoy reading and looking through our work!

Naturally beautiful wedding photography

We specialise in natural photography – that means no cheesy posing or staging moments that will make you feel awkward. But as well as taking a documentary approach to our photography, we ensure our photography is beautiful too. So your wedding photography will be full of real moments – but beautiful moments too.

Every image individually edited

We maintain consistency in the ‘look’ of our work, editing all our images in house. We edit every image individually to the same incredibly high standard. All our image editing is undertaken in house. Our editing style is vibrant, artistic and full of beautiful colours – but it’s also makes sure scenes look realistic – we don’t follow the latest editing trends, as these tend to be fads and go out of date very quickly. We want our images to stand the test of time. So we want our colour edits and our black and white photography to have a timeless feel. Great care is put into every image that we edit and we hope this shows in the quality of our work.

Real smiles and real laughter

We want to capture moments that you’ll treasure forever. So rather than posing smiles and laughs, we let them happen naturally. Because, for us, nothing beats photographing real smiles and real laughter. This moment was captured at Sarah and Jon’s wedding day, just as they were surprised by their dogs. The look of real happiness in their faces just couldn’t be replicated in a posed image. We’re proud to say this image has won both a Fearless and This Is Reportage award.

Relaxed and unposed couple shots

If you’re worried about being dragged away by us from your wedding guests for hours on end, don’t worry! Couples book us specifically for the fact that we don’t do this. We recognise that you want to spend your wedding with your guests enjoying the day you’ve spent so long planning. So we have a tried and trusted method to get some beautiful couple shots of you both together. Instead of a long photo shoot that interrupts the flow of your day, we will just go for a relaxed walk with you both. We’ll do this a few times over the day, for 5 or 10 minutes at a time, picking out the best locations to visit at your wedding venue. Or if you’d like to, we can take a drive out to the nearby countryside, we’ll of course accompany you! And even better, if you’re lucky enough to get a sunset like the one above, we’ll be out there with you making the most of it!

Emotional and poignant moments

As you can see in this image, we love to capture real emotion at weddings. This image was captured at Jessyka and Lewis’ woodland wedding, showing Lewis crying as he sees Jessyka walking up the isle. We’re known for our documentary wedding photography and we will be there to capture all the best emotional moments on your day.

Award winning photography

We have won lots of awards for our work, most recently being named as being one of the Top 50 wedding Photographers In The World, not once, but twice! Once was by This Is Reportage – the other was by the Wedding Photojournalists Association. We’ve also won Fearless, Masters Of Wedding Photography, NineDots and many more wedding photography awards, including winning our regional Wedding Photographer Of The Year award from TWIA. Awards are lovely – it’s great to be recognised for our work. We know our couples really respond to our awards – and when a couple is featured in an award winning photo, they get a real buzz out of it! But even more important than the awards we receive are the reviews and feedback we get from our couples. We’re proud to have, at the time of writing, 95 five star google reviews from happy couples.

Yes we do take group photographs!

Yes we do indeed take group photograph. However, as the funny example above shows, some guests can be reluctant participents! We prefer to showcase unique moments and beautiful images of our couples together on our website. But we can reassure you, we do take group shots, if you want some. You just supply us with a list of group shots you want before your wedding and we work off that. We photograph group shots beautifully, but we’ll just ensure they never take over your day. And if any funny or unexpected moments happen around your group shots like the moment above, all the better! If you don’t want any formal photos, then again, don’t worry! We’ll just stick to natural photography, capturing real moments. It’s your wedding and we’ll deliver what you want.

Photographing weddings all over the world

We have a job that enables us to travel all over the UK and abroad as well – we feel very lucky! If you’re getting married in England, Scotland or Wales, we won’t charge extra for travel. And if you’re planning a destination wedding, we can put together a destination wedding package for you. We travel to new locations all the time – it’s one of the perks of the job!

Meeting you before your wedding day

Getting to know you before your wedding day is really important to us. So as your big day approaches, we’ll arrange a time to meet and chat over a coffee if convenient for you – or if not, we’ll meet up by Skype or Zoom. During this chat, we’ll talk through all your wedding plans – and we’ll let you know what to expect from us.

Relaxed and friendly customer service

Our style of photography is relaxed as you can see from this page – and this relaxed style is reflected in our customer service. We’ll be there to help you in the build up to your day, answering any questions you have and providing recommendations for other suppliers if you need them. You won’t find us trying to up-sell products either! You will receive the rights to print your images wherever you choose. And though we do sell beautiful heirloom albums – you don’t need to buy an album now. Many couples buy an album after the wedding, there really is no time limit and no pressure to invest more money in an album right away. We recommend that you invest your money in our photography first and foremost. It’s our photography that really matters. You can come back to us at Christmas or a wedding anniversary to buy an album.

More photographs of our amazing couples

Below you will find more examples of our couples together. All taken in our relaxed and natural style, at venues all over the UK and abroad. We hope you enjoy looking through this small selection of images.

M and G Wedding Photography

Thanks for taking the time to read all about us and how we will photograph your wedding day. We hope you’ve loved looking through our selection of images – and we hope you think our relaxed approach to photographing weddings will be right for you. If you want to get on with enjoying the best day of your life and have beautiful wedding photography that captures all the very best moments of your day, without any cheesy posing, we’ll be a great fit for you.