Award Winning Wedding Photography by M and G Wedding Photography

2019 has been an amazing year for us in terms of being recognised and winning awards for our work. Already, we’ve won: a This Is Reportage Award, a Fearless Photographers Award, a Photographers Keeping It Real Award, Wedaward awards, Wedisson Awards, a Bridebook Platinum Award and we were one of the winners of the Evening Standard’s Best Wedding Photographs of 2018. Lastly, we were a finalist in the Wedding Photographer Of The Year category at the The Wedding Industry Awards – but this year, we won it! The Wedding Photographer Of The Year award really is the biggest award we have ever won and you can read more about it below.

This page showcases all our images that have won an award – we hope to be adding to it as the year progresses! We love how our award winning images showcase our style perfectly. Emotional moments, romantic moments, funny moments – but all natural, beautiful images taken without posing or staging taken at different wedding venues all over the UK.

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The big one! Winning a Wedding Industry Awards ‘Wedding Photographer Of The Year’ award is an ambition of all photographers. Without a doubt, it was one of the most prestigious awards we can win. The area we are based in the terms of the awards is huge. It encompassed not just Yorkshire, but the North East (including Newcastle and the whole Tyneside) and Lincolnshire and everywhere in between. So to be awarded the Best Wedding Photographer out of all the photographers who entered the TWIAs for our area – well, wow! It really is a huge honour and we’re not sure we can really put into words what this means to us, aside from to say it’s a culmination of many years hard work in a job that we really love.

This Is Reportage Award from Rebecca and Liam’s beautiful marquee wedding.

Winning a This Is Reportage award is so hard as the standard is so incredibly high. The very best documentary wedding photographers in the world enter this award, so they really are only given out to the very best images and photographers. Winning our first This Is Reportage award was something to really celebrate and we love that is was this image that won! It was such a funny moment and the singular image really tells a story, not just the boy defying physics as he limbos, but the two girls watching on.

Taken at Joanna and Steven’s Yorkshire Barn wedding, North Yorkshire – Wedaward winning image

As a wedding photographer you get a sky like this once or twice in a career. It looked unreal – the deep reds and purples were just as the appear in the image, that’s not photoshop! – and Joanna and Steven literally sprinted up a hill towards the horizon as we followed, snapping away. They reached the top just as the sun set, shared a few kisses and watched as the sky turned a deeper and darker red. It was more than worth the run up the hill and has become one of our most well known and popular images.

Taken at Christina and Michael’s Plas Nanteos Mansion wedding, Wales – Fearless Photographers Award winning image

Winning a Fearless Award is such an honour. Fearless Photographers is one the longest running and most prestigious wedding photography awards in the world. Fearless Awards are not only known as being incredibly hard to win, but of such high quality – so, winning one of these was a biggie for us. They are voted for by some of the top wedding photographers in the world. Without a doubt, we are incredibly proud of this award.

A Photographers Keeping It Real for Patrick’s image from Victoria and Luke’s amazing wedding
A Photographers Keeping It Real for Hollie’s image from Zara and Alex’s beautiful and intimate wedding
A Photographers Keeping It Real for Hollie’s image from Victoria and Luke’s beautiful but rainswept marquee wedding

We won not just one, but four Photographers Keeping It Real awards recently and three of the four are above. We were the first wedding photographers to win four awards in one round, which made us feel very humble. We wrote a blog about winning awards here if you’d like to read all about them.

Ellie and Mark, married in Montenegro 2019 (Wedisson award winning image)

We travelled to Tivat in Montenegro this year to photograph Ellie and Mark’s beautiful destination wedding. It was fantastic for Patrick to win an award for this image, taken by those beautiful blue Montenegrin waters as the sun began to set.

A Wedaward for Patrick from Gemma and Alec’s Owen House Barn wedding.

Gemma and Alec’s beautiful Cheshire wedding was held at the amazing Owen House Wedding Barn. What a stunning venue – we took some couple shots with them inside and made good use of the reflection and symmetry this helped create.

Taken at Natalie and Michael’s Derbyshire Wedding at Thornbridge Hall – Wedaward winning image

Natalie and Michael’s autumn wedding gave us such perfect light to add to the perfect setting and perfect couple.

Taken at Rebecca and Joe’s Yorkshire wedding at the Crab and Lobster – Photographers Keeping It Real winning image

Another award we are incredibly proud of – and an image we really love, this is from the beginning of the year. Photographers Keeping It Real is a group that celebrates only documentary wedding photography, which of course is what we specialise in – so to win a PKIR award is really special. They are voted for by the best documentary wedding photographers. Rebecca and Joe’s day was so emotional and no moment more emotional than when son Harry read out a self penned poem.

A Wedaward winning image from Sarah and Jon Yorkshire church wedding

Sarah and Jon knew their dogs would be making an appearance at some point, but they didn’t know they’d be waiting at the end of the confetti line up! Such a lovely, natural and unexpected image. We were thrilled to receive a Wedaward for it!

A Wedisson award winning image from Sarah and Rob’s Yorkshire church wedding

We were delighted to win our first Wedisson award for this image. Wedisson is an international wedding photography competition so it was a real honour to win. We love the image too – the look of shock and joy on Sam and Rob’s faces is priceless!

Our image of Tom and Danielle’s Derbyshire wedding at The West Mill won us a Wedaward

The West Mill in Derbyshire is one of our favourite venues. It is so well thought out – the day just flows for all the guests! We were thrilled to receive a Wedaward for this shot of Tom and Danielle at their beautiful Derbyshire wedding venue.

A Wedisson Award for Tanya and Sam’s rainy Yorkshire wedding

It rained all day long on Tanya and Sam’s wedding day – but they wouldn’t be stopped from going outside! So we followed with a flash and a camera, quickly got set up and started snapping as the rain came down. As you can see, Tanya and Sam didn’t much care.

An image from Nicola and Phil’s Lincolnshire wedding was named as one of the Best Wedding Photographs of 2018 by the Evening Standard Newspaper

What an honour to have an image named as one of the very best wedding photographs of 2018 by the Evening Standard. We love the image and are so pleased it won this award!

A Wedaward for Patrick – image taken at Sarah and Aidan’s East Yorkshire Barns wedding.

We so loved this wedding! A lovely wedding, a lovely couple at a lovely venue in Yorkshire.

A Wedaward for Patrick for his image from Mottram Hall

What. A. Sunset.

A WPS Award for Hollie for her image of Zara at her intimate wedding day

We won a second award for this image from WPS, one of the longest running and most well respected wedding awards in the world.

Lydia and Duncan in North Yorkshire at the Devonshire Fell (Wedaward winning image for Patrick)
Annie and James at the stunning Normans in North Yorkshire (Wedaward winning image for Patrick)

As well as winning awards for our individual images and getting to the finals of the TWIA awards, we also won a 2019 Bridebook Platinum Award for our work over 2018, which is awarded only to those photographers who get more than 35 five star reviews from their couples in one year. So, a very select few win this award! It celebrates the work of our team, so below is a selection of all our work from 2018 that helped us win this amazing award!