A wonderfully rainy Yorkshire Wedding

December 7, 2021

Chelsea and Kyle got married in Summer 2021 – and oh, the glorious British summer! A beautiful outside ceremony at Wentbridge House was planned – only, no one had informed the weather. So, unceremoniously, down came that biggest signifier of the aforementioned great British summer. That is of course – the rain. It poured down. The registrars shuffled their papers and got up. It seemed like the service would be hastily moved inside. Only Cheesea, Kyle and their hardy wedding guests were determined to go ahead. So, for the first time ever, we photographed a an altogether rainy wedding ceremony. We are so pleased the service went ahead inside – the memories are all the richer for it and we are so grateful we were there to capture them. Here are 40 frames from this very memorable, very soggy wedding ceremony.

Choosing M and G Wedding Photography

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