What to expect on your wedding day

April 25, 2022

Hi – Patrick and Hollie here, AKA M and G Wedding Photography. We’ve worked together since 2017, photographing literally hundreds of weddings all over the UK and abroad. We got married ourselves in 2018 and have a beautiful young family who keep us busy away from work! We’ve written this blog to give you all an idea of what to expect from us on your wedding day. So, please give the below a good read to get a clear idea of how we will photograph your wedding. We hope you find it useful – we can’t wait to photograph your day very soon!

Our approach to wedding photography

We’re not bossy photographers and you’ll find we’re pretty quiet on a wedding day, though we’re always in the background working away. This suits our personalities and in turn informs our documentary approach – it’s how we get the images we’re so well known for. We never stage, we never pose, we never copy other people’s work, and we never work to a ‘shot list’. Most importantly, we allow you to enjoy the biggest day of your lives with your guests. This really is the most important thing for us – and the more time you spend having the best day, the more photos of it we can capture for you.

Every wedding is unique

Every wedding is different, and we let you, your guests and everyone present relax and enjoy every moment. On the day there are so many intangibles, so many unexpected and unique circumstances. So we don’t have a list of old fashioned shots that we work to and we don’t pre-plan how we’ll create images.

It’s impossible to do so really, as you can never pre plan for the weather, the lighting conditions or what people will do on any given day. That’s why our approach to photographing weddings enables us to respond to the unexpected as well as the things you have carefully planned – that’s why we’re so good at photographing the natural moments. 

Your wedding details

We will send you a document to fill in that will give us all the details we need (this is our catchily named Wedding Details Document!) There is no rush for you to complete this – in fact it’s best to do so nearer your wedding date, when the final details are in place. We only need a few details from you such as your wedding addresses, a brief running order of the day and any group shots you’d like us to take.

Our start / finish time

Our start and finish time will depend on the package you have selected. For example, say you have us booked for 10 hours, if we start at 10.30am, we’ll finish at 8.30. Of course, please do drop us a message if you’d like a reminder of your package details, we’re always happy to help!

From the getting ready stage onwards

Come your wedding day, we won’t arrive and start rearranging things to suit us, or tidy things away or impose ourselves bossing people around loudly. That’s just not our style! We may turn off a light or two during the getting ready period as we prefer natural light, but that’s it. We will begin photographing from the start and move about in the background.

We then photograph moments from far and from close. You and your guests will quickly get used to our presence and the way we work – it’s all very relaxed and candid! We recommend you let those people you’re getting ready with to expect us to be photographing – but no posing and no staging – so they know they can relax and forget about our cameras. Our natural approach carries on, from the getting ready onwards, throughout your day.

Group shots

As you know, we’re documentary wedding photographers – but we will happily take some group shots for you. You won’t often find group shots on our website or Instagram, as we prefer to concentrate on sharing natural moments – these are the moments people really respond to. However, we do take a few groups if you’d like some, without ever letting these take over your day. These group shots will be the only photos where we will ask you to look at our camera lenses (though as the image below shows, we can’t guarantee everyone will be keen on that!) 

From years of experience, we recommend a maximum of 6 group shots. Some couples opt for 6 group shots, some for less and some for none at all – it’s completely up to you. We recommend you keep your groups small – bigger group shots take much longer to arrange, and will really disrupt the flow of the day. We also recommend concentrating on the people who are key to your day – parents, grandparents, siblings, bridesmaids and / or ushers. However, every wedding is different, every family is different – the choice is yours.

Throwing confetti 

We love confetti (the more the better)! So, if you’re throwing confetti on your day, we’ll really look forward to it. As with the rest of the day, we’ll let the action unfold quite naturally, so we don’t take over and direct or stage the confetti action. Just ask your ushers, bridesmaids or the venue to get people in position and hand out the confetti when you’re ready – we’ll be there.  

If you have any other surprises – sparklers, fireworks, etc. – when we are present, please add these to the running order on the Wedding Details Document. We’ll capture these big events naturally too, but it’s really useful to know in advance that they’re going to happen.

Our wedding photography ethos

For 99.9% of the day, our documentary ethos is imbued in each image we take. We’ve lost track of the times couples and guests tell us “Oh! At the last wedding we went to the photographer was so bossy and fussy – you guys are much better!” or “We forgot you were there at times!” We love to hear feedback like that.

We’ve found that if we let people be themselves and let a wedding day unfold, beautiful, emotional and sometimes hilarious moments happen quite naturally. You don’t need us to stage or pose you or your guests! And of course, even more importantly, this means people at your wedding can have the best day without being interrupted by a photographer every five minutes.

Though we work quietly for most of a wedding, we’re always available for a chat and we’re always there to offer our help or support. It really does depend on the couple and guests – every wedding has its own personality running through it.

Natural couple shots

Couple shots are completely optional – it’s up to you, though most couples want some photographs of themselves together away from the crowd. Some couples choose to go on a walk around the venue grounds, or even to a different location nearby. 

We know couples can get a little nervous about their ‘couple time’. We want to reassure you, there really is no need to feel nervous! We keep our couple shots completely unposed – we let you be yourselves. No cheesy poses, nothing to worry about!

We don’t pre-plan an exact time or take you away from your wedding for hours. We may go on several short shoots during the day taking advantage of different light – you may even be lucky enough to have a sunset! You can see examples of and read more about couple shots by clicking here.

Second photographers for two photographer packages

If you have selected a two photographer package, there are lots of options. We can attend two separate pre-ceremony addresses if you’d like us to. Often, the second photographer starts a little later than the main photographer. Also, the second photographer can go straight to the ceremony and not cover getting ready if you’d prefer – or the two photographers can spend the morning together at one address. It’s completely up to you! You can advise us about this in your wedding details document. We photograph weddings together and separately – and we also have a group of amazingly talented, trusted photographers who work for us as second shooters when needed.

A chat before your day

As we have a natural and relaxed approach – and because your completed Wedding Details Document gives us all the information we need – we don’t need a formal planning meeting with you. However, if you’d like to catch-up before your day, that would be lovely! We’ve found it’s best to chat near the wedding date when your plans are made and after you complete our Wedding Details Document. 

In the meantime, before we have a chat, we hope this blog helps your planning and answers any questions you may have. If you want to chat things over or if you have any queries, please just let us know. We’re always happy to help with any query, no matter how big or small, by email, Whatsapp or by giving you a call.   

We live in Cottingham, East Yorkshire. So if you did want to meet in person at any point, we can happily meet you in a coffee shop nearby where we live – please just let us know (our availability tends to be midweek during the daytime for a meet). A pre wedding chat or meeting is completely optional – it’s whatever works best for you. We’ve experienced weddings from both sides of the lens and know how busy (but exciting!) the build-up can get. For us, it’s always lovely to say ‘hi’ to our couples before the wedding, so we’ll always offer to call you in the build up to your day.

Wedding preview images

We will capture so many individual moments for you throughout your day, which Hollie will then process and craft to highest standards. While you wait for your full gallery, we aim to get some previews to you within 2 to 3 weeks of the wedding at the latest, or earlier if possible. But at very busy times we may need an extra few days – so please do bear with us and we’ll get your preview images as soon as possible.

Full wedding Galleries

Hollie developed our signature natural yet artistic look that underpins our editing. Hollie therefore manages the main image processing/editing, then we work on the final gallery together. All our work is collaborative, so whether we shot your wedding together or not, we are both involved in preparing your images to the highest technical and aesthetic standards. You’ll receive all your images in colour – plus a selection of images with extra black and white versions (we pick out the images we know will suit black and white the best and you get those particular images in black and white and colour).

Your full wedding Gallery will be dispatched between 8 and 12 weeks after your wedding date. This year we are hoping to get all Galleries out sooner than 12 weeks, and if that does happen with your Gallery, it will be a lovely surprise when that email arrives in your inbox! But, please set your expectations for the full Gallery to be sent to you after 12 weeks (3 months after your wedding day), just to be on the safe side. If we need longer than 12 weeks to finishing editing your gallery, we will be in touch to let you know.

When you share your images

Please do give us a tag and a mention in any social media posts if possible. Not only is this a huge help to us, it’s lovely to see what your favourite images are and it is great to see you sharing them with friends and family. We also hope you’re following us and keeping up to date with our work as the excitement builds for your own day. You can follow and tag us on Instagram via: @mandgweddingphotography 

Other professionals using our work

We will happily share images with other suppliers ourselves. We’re very happy for other professionals to use our images on social media for free, but only if they tag and credit us for our work. It’s best for us to approach them, to ensure this happens. We will be in touch with them after we deliver the images to you.

Thank you!

Thank you for choosing us to photograph your wedding. We absolutely love our job and cannot wait to capture your day very soon. We’ll be there to tell the story of your day with our photography – and the more fun, the more emotions, the more romance that happens naturally, the more there will be for us to capture for you.  We can’t wait to see what you have planned – and photograph the expected and unexpected moments. That’s what really makes a wedding day so unique – so special. Hollie & Patrick

Wedding venues featured in this blog

Every year we visit so many incredible wedding venues – it’s a perk of the job, photographing at so many beautiful locations and meeting so many lovely new people at each one. Between us, we’ve photographed around 600 weddings! Sometimes we visit new venues – sometimes we go back to a venue we know and love. In this blog you can see images shot at the following wedding venues: Middleton Lodge in North Yorkshire, Berkeley Castle in the Cotswolds, The Manor Rooms in East Yorkshire, Little Wold Vineyard in East Yorkshire, Hargate Hall in Derbyshire, Saltmarshe Hall in East Yorkshire, Falcon Manor in North Yorkshire, Houghton Hall in the Lake District, Elmore Court in the Cotswolds, Norwich Cathedral in Norfolk, The Yorkshire Wedding Barn in North Yorkshire, The Tithe Barn in Oxfordshire, Camp Katur in North Yorkshire, The Fruit Market in Hull, Villa Farm in North Yorkshire, Rise Hall in East Yorkshire and East Yorkshire Barns in East Yorkshire. If we’re returning to a venue we know for your wedding – we cannot wait to go back! And if we’re visiting your venue for the first time, we cannot wait to do so. Whatever your venue, whether we’ve visited it ten times or never before, we will photograph it in the same style we always do. And more importantly, we know you will have the best day ever!